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PA511 - Public Management

Course Description: PA511 Public Management 3 cr. The common and distinctive elements of management at several levels of government are studied. The management philosophy of public organizations, strategy and organizational behavior are discussed. 3cr.ñ
Public ManagementS1P2014Master of Public AffairsDNTW931GSD3Stuteville, Rebekkah A.5:15 - 10:15 PM
11/10/ 0View
Public ManagementS1P2014Master of Public AffairsDNTW911GSA3Jumara, John J.5:15 - 10:15 PM
9/10/ 0
Public ManagementF1P2013Master of Public Affairs - OnlineN/ADL3Stuteville, Rebekkah A.TBA
11/15/ 0View


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