CS151 Intro to Programming

for F1J 2004

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KC Accelerated - Independence Fall I 2004

Instructor :   Dan Wehner

Text:  JAVA: An Introduction to Computer Science & Programming  3rd edition

Author:  Walter Savitch


Course objective: This is an introductory level course for students with little programming experience. It provides an understanding of the theory and practice of Java programming. Students will write programs ranging in difficulty from simple to moderately complex using the Java programming language.


Class schedule:

Week:       Chapter       Test     Homework assigned:

 1             1                       Ch. 1  PP # 1     (in class)

 2             2                       Ch. 1  PP # 2 & 3 (in class)

 3             2                       Ch. 2  PP # 8

 4             3             #1                  

 5             3                       Ch. 3  PP # 2

 6             4                  

 7             4                       Ch. 4  PP # 3

 8                           #2        All homework due



                  Grading policy:

                     A         100-90

                     B         89-80

                     C         79-70

                     D         69-60   

                     F         below 60


Test scores make up 75% of the total grade. Homework makes up 25%.


Homework policy: All homework is due by the last night of class. I will test each program to verify they perform as required. Only programs that pass the test will receive full credit (5 points). Each program must include an algorithm (worth 1 point). Programs that do not work can be turned in for partial credit of 1 point.


No homework will be accepted past the last night of class.


Every student must bring at least two computer disks to the class to be used to store homework assignments.