PS309 Human Sexuality

for S2N 2005

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PS 309 Human Sexuality
Rivera, Raul (Rudy)


Course Title: Human Sexuality
Course Number: PS 309
Instructor: Dr. Raul (Rudy) Rivera
Term Dates: March 1- 14 April 2005
Meeting Time: Tue–Thur 2:00- 5:00
Site: Bldg. TBD-Rm TBD
639 Merritt St., Ft. Bliss

I. Course Description: This course will survey a wide selection of topics ranging from the biology of human reproduction to the social and psychological nuances related to human relationships and mating.

II. Goals of the Course: This course will provide an objective understanding of the biology, social and psychological elements which shape and drive human sexual behavior. This course will provide the student an opportunity to self-explore how the moral and legal organizations within a society define and shape our beliefs about what is appropriate and acceptable in human sexual thought and behavior.

III. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will possess the following competencies:
a. Be able to identify and demonstrate an understanding of the human sexual functions and anatomy;
b. Be able to objectively discuss and demonstrate an understanding of the key issues in human sexual relationships;
c. Be able to correctly identify human sexuality terms as they apply to sexual behavior, sexual health and sexual dysfunctions; and,
d. Be able to objectively discuss the implications of the differences between sexuality as a moral issue and sexuality as a legal issue.

IV. Course Arrangements: The course will be comprised of lectures and student classroom presentations from the text and from areas of personal interest. Most of the text will be covered. You will be responsible for all key issues and terminology in each chapter. You will be expected to read the chapters that are covered prior to attending class. The chapters covered each night are listed below. Student classroom presentations will be followed by a lecture to clarify pertinent terms and concepts. I am always open to guest speakers for your chapter or any other ideas that you may have for presenting the learning objectives in your chapter.

V. Course Requirements:
a. Attendance: Required; barring an accident on the way to class, all absence must be cleared prior to class. Three (3) absences (excused or unexcused) will place the student in jeopardy, even if they are legitimately excused. I can’t teach to an empty seat.

b. Text Readings: This is a discussion class, please read the chapter that we are covering prior to attending class.
c. Participation: Human sexuality is an uncomfortable subject matter for many, but all students will be required to participate and share your insights and ideas. The more you put into this class, the more you will carry with you into the “real world”.
d. Exams and Classroom Presentations: Exams will be objective and given at the mid-term and on the last day of the course. Classroom presentations on text chapter areas will be given as contracted for individually between the instructor and the student.
e. Paper Instead of and Exam: Students may elect to skip one or both exams and write a paper or papers instead. Students can earn 30 points towards their final grade by selecting a topic (must be approved by the instructor) and preparing a short and concise paper that is no longer than 15 pages of text. Each paper should contain a ½ page summary and a bibliography, neither of which count towards the 15 pages. The instructor will provide specific requirements and guidelines for the paper format. Do not turn in a paper that is simply copied from a book, the internet, Encartaä or some other source. I know most of the tricks.

VI. Textbook. Human Sexuality Today, 5rd Edition. Author: Bruce M. King, U. of New Orleans. This is a recently updated and very appealing and readable text that achieves a good balance between human sexuality facts and understanding. The reader is provided the information needed to make responsible decisions about their own sexuality and to feel good about the choices.

VII. Supplemental Materials List: None required.

VIII. Class Meeting and Examination Schedule: This is a projection of the schedule. We will adjust this schedule as needed.

Week Day Topics Readings
1 Tue Why study human sexuality/History Ch 1 (Dr. Rudy)
History of Sex
Thur Reproductive anatomy Ch 2 (Dr. Rudy)
Thur Hormones and sexuality Ch 3 (Dr. Rudy)
2 Tue Similarities/diff in our sexual responses Ch 4
Thur Sexually transmitted/related diseases Ch 5
3 Tue Communicating about Sex Ch 8
Tue Sexuality as a Social Concept Ch 9
Thur Becoming a woman/man Gender ID Ch 10
4 Tue Sexual Orientation Ch 11
Thur Mid-term Exam Ch. 1-5;8-11 Exam
5 Tue Live span - Sexual Development Ch 12
Thur Adult Sexual Behaviors & Attitudes Ch 13
Thur Love and Relationships Ch 14
6 Tue Sex Problems and Therapy Ch 15
Thu Paraphilias and Sexual Variants Ch 16
7 Tue Sexual Victimization Ch 17
Tue Sex and the Law Ch 18
Thur Final Exam (Ch 12-18 Optional if you have a “B” working)

Mid-term Exam: 1st Thurs of 4th week covering Ch. 1 – 11 (minus 6 & 7); 50 multiple guess and four or five short paragraph essay questions.
Final Exam: To be announced, Final Exam and review covering Ch. 12 – 18.
All Papers are due in: by the end of the 6th week; no exceptions. Papers may be submitted via email: PROFESSORUDY@AOL.COM MS Word or Rich Text files only). Paper must include disk copy.

IX. Classroom Policies: If the subject matter (sex) is uncomfortable to you want to get over it, then you are in right class. We will jointly create an atmosphere where all can voice their moral, legal and political opinions and beliefs on human sexuality without fear of judgment. Discussions on areas where strong moral or religious-based exist will occur and the instructor will referee to ensure that we keep the discussions directed at the topic and not each other’s individual belief differences. No one’s opinion will be judged by another is this class. Our classroom will be judgment-free and objective on the matters related to human sexuality. Learning is an enjoyable journey that begins at birth and continues until death. Let’s enjoy this brief didactic segment of life and use it to clear some dust out of our brains.
Any related subjects or areas of personal concern will be fair game for dignified discussion. This will not be a forum that will license profanity or porno for the sake of humor or for the sake of crudeness. Having said that, profane words do exist in our every day vocabulary and may be defined and discussed objectively as they apply to how human sexuality is being communicated verbally and over the written and online electronic media. Our goal will be to individually examine how we think and why we have formed various ideas and beliefs about our own sex roles and sexuality. What we think is merely the end product of what we believe.
You are working at the upper division university level and will be expected to participate to the best of your current ability. If you have read or seen additional materials that can be useful to our course, please bring them. NO PORNO visual or audio materials will be brought into our classroom. Better yet, write a paper on it or make a separate classroom presentation on it. This is your class and your education; insist on getting your money’s work from the class.

X. Grading Policy:
15 points for perfect attendance, 5 points deducted for each unexcused absence.
30 points for the Mid-term Exam (or paper)
25 points for classroom presentation
30 points for the Final Exam (or paper)
100 points

Grade Assignment: (it is possible to earn more than 100 points)
A = 100-90 points
B = 89-80 points
C = 79-70 points
D = 69-60 points
F = 59 points or less is considered a failing grade

If you are going to be absent, call Dr. Rudy Rivera (383-9708).. speak your name clearly on the voice mail) or email at Unexcused absences will affect your grade.

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