CA402 Organizational Communication

for S2DD 2005

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Syllabus CA 402

DSCC Columbus, OH Spring 2005

Course Symbol & Number: CA 402
Course Title: Organizational Communication
Semester/Term: S2DD (Spring 2005)

Faculty: Tina Wade-Hairston
Faculty Title: Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Office Location: Building 11
Faculty Office Hours: By appointment only. Instructor can be contacted by phone or email. No phone calls after 11PM.
Faculty Contact Information: 614.855.3660 (HM)

Semester/Term Dates: April 1, 2, 3, & 15, 16, 17
Class Session: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Class Session Times: 5 – 10PM, 8 – 5PM, 8 – 5PM
Prerequisite(s): CA 104
Credit Hours: 3

Mission Statement: The mission of Park University, an entrepreneurial institution of learning, is to provide access to academic excellence, which will prepare learners to think critically, communicate effectively and engage in lifelong learning while serving a global community.

Vision Statement: Park University will be a renowned international leader in providing innovative educational opportunities for learners within the global society.

Faculty’s Educational Philosophy: To empower students to strive for great achievements and to provide the student with the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge base through every medium available to the student.

Course Objectives:

1. To define the term organizational communication.
2. To provide a conceptual understanding of communication processes within the contemporary organization.
3. To analyze and evaluate how organizational communication effects individual, group, and team behavior within the organizational unit.
4. To gain a broader perspective of communication issues facing today’s organization.
5. To examine various methods of communication used to improve the overall effectiveness of organizational processes.

Required Textbook(s):

Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, Konopaske. Organizations Behavior, Structure, Processes: McGraw-Hill, 2004

Academic Honesty:

Programs are designed to provide the student with enriched learning opportunities to be applied in your organization. The Park University community has established an environment of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. It is the student’s responsibility to understand what constitutes plagiarism. Students are advised to refer to the APA manual 5th edition for further information on plagiarism. Students may also confer with the instructor for further understanding of plagiarism.

Attendance Policy: Attendance is recorded and reported accordingly. It is important to recognize that there are only eight class sessions and attendance is imperative to the success of the student. No penalties will be assessed for work missed if absences are excused by the instructor. Missed work due to unexcused absences may be subject to a reduced grade.

Late Submission of Course Assignments:

Late assignments may be subject to a reduced grade.

Course Evaluation:

Criteria for evaluating assignments will be the same for all written assignments. For a passing grade, the student must:

1. Answer all parts of written assignments;
2. Demonstrate correct knowledge of the content in each assignment;
3. Submit assignments that are clear, concise, and written correctly i.e. grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization;
4. Submit all assigned work on time; and
5. Respond constructively during classroom discussions.

Classroom Conduct:

Students are expected to show respect to fellow students and to decisions made by the instructor.
Disabilities Guidelines:

Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all students that meet the criteria for special assistance. These guidelines are designed to supply directions to students concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal. It is Park University’s policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding students with disabilities and, to the extent of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply. Additional information concerning Park University’s policies and procedures related to disabilities can be found on the Park University web page:

Course Assignments:

There are six assignments/requirements for successful completion of this course.

1. Participation

Students will be expected to actively participate in class discussions. Generally, your participation will be in the form of responding to questions posed by the instructor, your peers, and by contributing in classroom discussion from your own experiences. Students are encouraged to express their own individual thoughts during the classroom forum.

2. Review Questions

Students will be required to submit 2 case studies totaling 4, by class-end on Sunday. Students must answer all questions and the responses should be at a minimum of one page in length. Use Arial 12 font size and double-spaces. Use various references and citations to support your position. Internet citations and references may be used. Use APA 5th Edition as reference for citations.

3. Group Activity

During class, students will be given the opportunity to participate in groups to continue building knowledge of the activities associated with Organizational Communication. Students will team up in groups to complete activities assigned by the instructor. Students will be provided time to complete in-class activities to present their findings to the class.

4. Comprehensive Paper

Students will write on the topic of organizational communication. The information gained from the lectures, group activities, and other related sources will be used to develop a comprehensive demonstration on how communication effects the organizational unit. Students will be required to write a 5 – 7 page paper (excluding title page and references). Use Arial 12 font size and double-spaces. Use various references and citations to support your position. Further details will be discussed in the outline. Use APA 5th Edition as reference for citations. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THE OUTLINE.

5. Presentations

In assigned groups, students will be required to conduct one oral presentation on an aspect of communication within the organization. Students must receive approval from the instructor on the topic of choice. This presentation should be from 10 - 15 minutes in length and students are expected to use a visual aid. Students will be permitted 5 minutes for a question and answer session. Points will be deducted for presentations that do not fall within these parameters. If the group would like to deviate slightly from the requirements, they must request permission from the instructor.

6. Exams

There will be a midterm and a final exam. Exams will consist of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer responses.

Class Meetings/Examination Schedule:

Friday April 1: Chapters 1, 2, 3

Saturday April 2: Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7

Sunday April 3: Chapters 8, 9, 10, Midterm

Friday April 15: Chapters 11, 12, 13

Saturday April 16: Chapters 14, 15, 16, 17

Sunday April 17: Chapters Presentations, Final Exam


Participation = 60
Review Questions = 100
Comprehensive Paper = 100
Presentation = 40
Group Activity = 100
Midterm Exam = 100
Final Exam = 100
Total Points = 600

90 – 100 = A
80 – 89 = B
70 – 79 = C
60 – 69 = D
50 – 59 = F

*2 Extra credit Assignments = 25/50

Extra Credit:

1. Students will be permitted to critique an article on communication issues within the organization. The critique must be 2 pages in length and will be worth 15 points each. Students are limited to 2 submissions during the term. An outline for the critique will be provided by the instructor upon request.

(Please note that the syllabi is subject to change)