BI300 Evolution

for F1N 2005

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Course:  Evolution

Course number:  BI 300

Instructor:  Maya Strunk


Dates of Instruction:  8/23/05-10/6/05

Time:  Tue/Thurs. 2:00-4:30pm


Course description: 

A study of the historical development of the concept of natural selection and modern concepts of evolution.  Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior in standing.  One course in Biology at the college level is desirable.


Goals of the course:

To provide the student with a working knowledge of the forces which influence and drive the evolutionary change of living organisms.  Special emphasis will be placed on man’s impact and influence on biodiversity and the environment.


Learning Objectives:

1.      Define science, its applications, its limitations, and its general methodology.

2.      Describe the historical context of modern evolutionary theory.

3.      Explain the contributions of Charles Darwin and other evolutionary biologists to evolutionary theory.

4.      Explain the scientific basis of evolution, its mechanisms, and related topics.

5.      Describe the evidence that supports the theory of evolution.

6.      Understand the significance of evolutionary theory in modern society.

7.      Discuss the implications of evolutionary theory on human’s interactions with the environment and other living organisms.

8.      Explain the general timeline and evolution of the Earth.

9.      Describe the evolution of humans.


Course arrangements:

Lecture with some group discussion, and video material will be shown, as well as individual student presentations. (TBA)


Course requirements:

Students are responsible for reading all material BEFORE class.  Successful completion of the course must result in a 60% of the total points possible.


Required text:  Kardong, Kenneth V.  An Introduction to Biological Evolution


Class schedule:






Aug. 23

Syllabus, expectations for the course.



Aug. 25

Evolution of Evolution

Chapter 1


Aug. 30

Darwin’s Dangerous Mind



Sept. 1

Exam 1

Chapter 1 & Movie


Sept. 6

Emergence of Life

Chapter 4


Sept. 8

Diversity of Life

Chapter 5


Sept. 13

Human Evolution:  Early Years

Chapter 14


Sept. 15

Dawn Of Man



Sept. 20

Walking With Cavemen



Sept. 22

Exam 2

Chapter 4,5,14 & Movies


Sept. 27

Evolution:  Today and Tomorrow

Chapter 16


Sept. 29

Student Presentations



Oct. 4

Student Presentations



Oct. 6

Final Grades distributed




Class Policies:

All reading assignments are to be done before class.  Students are required to be in attendance for all scheduled class meetings, unless excused prior by the instructor.  Excused absences include illness, illness of family, car troubles, death in the family, etc.  I do expect everyone to be in class on time, I have to drive from Las Cruces and I will always be on time, and I expect the same of you. 


3 unexcused absences will result in an automatic withdrawl from the course.  The instructor retains the option of assigning an F grade after the drop date if the student has 4 unexcused absences.


Students who arrive late on exam days will be subject to a separate exam, preferably in the form of an essay exam.  All makeup exams will be in the format of an essay exam.


Academic honesty:

Academic honesty is required of all students.  Park college does not accept cheating or plagiarism of any kind.  If a student commits academic dishonesty, they will be given an F grade and dropped from the course.


Grading policy:

There will be 2 exams both of which will be based on the information assigned or presented in class lectures.  Most of the information will be derived from the textbook assigned for the course.  Additional information may be added if given through  

handouts.  The 2 exams are multiple choice with scantron.


There will be no curve at the end of the course, and no low grades will be dropped from the final grade.


Final grade:

Total percentage                       Letter grade

90-100                                                                         A

80-89                                       B

70-79                                       C

60-69                                       D

59 and below                           F


Grade determination:

Attendance                               10%

Exam 1                         30%

Exam 2                         30%

Student Presentations                30%

Total                                        100%