HR434 Compensation Management

for F1B 2005

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Course Number: HR 434
Course Title: Compensation Management
Instructor: A. C. Saucedo
Telephone 544.7440 - home
505.527.7661 - office
Term Dates: August 5 - September 23
Meeting Times: Fri. 17:00 - 22:00
Site: Ft. Bliss

Syllabus for Compensation Management

I. Course Description

A study of compensation theories, policies, systems, and practices with emphasis on the design of effective compensation programs. The course views compensation primarily from the employer’s perspective.

II. Goals of the Course

Provide the student with an understanding of how compensation can facilitate and promote the satisfaction of employee needs in concert with the achievement of organizational goals, and how compensation management affects the design and administration of other compensation programs. The student should be able to design a pay system for various types of employee groups.

III. Specific Course Objectives

The course is designed to provide the students an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the following:

a. The relationship of the reward system to organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
b. Key elements of a compensation system.
c. Major occupational groupings found in most organizations.
d. Methods and techniques for developing and implementing a job analysis program.
e. Methods for structuring , writing, and updating job descriptions.
f. Methods of job evaluation .
g. Purpose, methods and procedures for conducting a compensation survey.
h. Design and development of a pay structure.
i. The role of performance appraisal in a compensation system.
j. The role of benefits, performance incentives and nonfinancial rewards in compensation

k. Major laws affecting the design .
l. Union attitudes and the impact of union activities on compensation management.
m. Policy making decisions that relate to compensation.

IV. Course Arrangements

The following techniques will be employed in the course: case problems, textbook analysis, research, and journal readings and analysis.

V. Course Requirements

Students must complete reading assignments and be prepared to discuss the questions and
problems posed at the end of each chapter. A research examination will be administered
at midterm and an essay final exam. Each student will prepare one short paper, one case
study, develop a performance appraisal and an Internet Journal (5 analyzed articles pertaining to Compensation).

VI Textbook

Milovich, George, & Newman, Jerry T., Compensation, 8th Edition, Irwin, Chicago.

VII. Supplemental Resources

As assigned by the instructor.

VII. Schedule

Week One Aug 5 Introduction/Expectations
Lecture - Chapter One - The Pay Model
Lecture - Chapter Two - Strategic Perspectives
Week Two Aug 12 Lecture - Chapter Three - Defining Internal Alignment
Lecture - Chapter Four - Job Analysis
Lecture - Chapter Five - Evaluating Work: Job Evaluation
Week Three Aug 19 Lecture - Chapter Six - Person Based Structures
Lecture - Chapter Seven - Defining Competitiveness
Lecture - Chapter Eight - Designing Pay Levels, Mix, and Pay
Mini-Paper Due
Week Four Aug 26 Lecture - Chapter Nine - Pay for Performance
Lecture - Chapter Ten - Pay for Performance Plans
Lecture - Chapter Twelve - Performance Appraisals
Week Five Sept 2 Mid-Term Exam

Week Six Sept 9 Lecture - Chapter Thirteen - Benefits Option
Lecture - Chapter Fourteen - Compensation of Special Groups
Lecture - Chapter Fifteen - Union Role in Wage and Salary
Case Study Assignment
Week Seven Sept 16 Lecture - Chapter Sixteen - International Pay Systems
Lecture - Chapter Seventeen - Government & Legal Issues
Lecture - Chapter Eighteen - Budgets and Administration
Week Eight Sept 23 Final Exam
Journals Due
Performance Appraisals Due


*Pop Quizzes May Be Given.

IX. Course Policy

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade for the course.

X. Grading Policy

The final course grade will be determined according to the following:

Short Paper 16.6%
Mid-Term 16.6%
Final Exam 16.6%
Internet Journal 16.6%
Case Study 16.6%
Performance Appr. 17.0%

The course letter grade will be assigned according to the following:

90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59 or below F