PS401 Abnormal Psychology

for F1B 2005

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SYLLABUS Course Number: PS 401
Course Title: Abnormal Psychology
Instructor: Dr. Rick Solis Ph.D- ABD
Term Dates: August 6th- Sept. 24, 2005
Meeting Time: 0800-1300 (8:00 to 1)
Resident Center:_______________
1. Course Description:
An introduction and investigation of the causes, development, symptomatology and treatment of abnormal behavior. Primary focus is on the eclectic view of people and their adaptation to their environment.
2. Goals of the Course:
To trace the development of contemporary views of abnormal behavior from early beliefs and practices to the major views now underlying attempts to explain what makes human beings behave as they do.
3. Learning Objectives:
a. Demonstrate and understand the processes, applications & scientific methods used in abnormal psychology.
b. Use the process of inquiry by using curiosity as part of the human experience.
c. Learn how to use critical thinking skills and apply them to academic growth.
d. Use facts in making evaluations & analysis.
e. Have a basic knowledge about this branch of psychology that deals with modes of behavior and mental phenomena.
f. Use psychological literature in the learning process.
g. Work Independently and as a member of a group.
4. Course Arrangement:
The course will be taught using the following methods of instruction: lectures, class discussion and participation, class presentations, case studies, student reports, films.
5. Course Requirements:
Reading assignments to be completed prior to class, classroom discussion, outside readings, term papers, two examinations and attendance.
6. Textbook List:
Butcher, J.N. (2004). Abnormal Psychology 12th edition, Needham Heights, Ma: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN: 0-205-35914-0.
7. Supplemental Resource Materials List:
DSM-IV Guide. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Latest Edition, Washington D.C.
8. Class meeting and Examinations Schedule:
Reading and Writing Assignments and Tentative Schedule
Sat Aug. 6th Overview of Course & Syllabus. Students bring Newspaper clippings(2 each class)1 Internet article that pertain to Abnormal Psychology, 1 each class, turn in with your name.. Class Website Introduced to class to register students. 3 Website reviews(15%) explained for Aug.20th deadline. Case Studies(Book Chapt. 1,2) Faculty Power point presentation.
Introduction to individual topic(15%) & group projects.(15%)Historical person selection (15%).
Sat Aug.6 Chapter 1 Bring 2 newpaper articles& 1 internet article each class for presentation, turn in with your name on it..(5%)
Chapter 2 Lecture Attendance (5%)
Sat. Aug.13 Chapter 3 Historical Person for presentation(Student Powerpoint presentation mandatory),(15%) Case studies for class interaction (Book ch. 3, 4,5).Faculty Powerpoint presentation
Chapter 4 Lecture Have topics for individual class presentation
Sat Aug. 13 Chapter 5 Bring DSM-IV Case Studies(Book) Bring 2 newspaper articles etc. for class discussion.
Sat. Aug 20 Bring 2 newspaper articles for class. Case studies for class interaction(Bookch.6)
Chapter 6.Formation of final group presentations
Sat. Aug.20 Three Website Reviews due 3 full pages on website by 12 midnight. 3 Websites can be used for 5 page individual presentations. Bring newspaper articles etc. for class. Case studies(Book Ch.7)
Sat. Aug 20 Chapter 8 Lecture /video. All Student Historical Figure presentations ready for class presentation.(powerpoint)
Sat. Aug27 Chapter 9 Exam I Midterm.(15%) due at website before class begins Case studies presentation Book chapt. 8 &9
Final preparation of individual & group presentation
Sat Aug 27 Chapter 10 All Individual presentations & Historical Figure presentations . Individual 5 page paper due on website in discussion area by 12 midnight.
Chapter 11 case studies.

Sat Sept.3 Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Individual presentations
Sat. Sept.3 Chapter 14. Individual presentations Chapter 15
Sat. Sept.10 Group presentations/ Chapter 16
.Sat Sept.10 Group Presentations/Chapter 17
Sat. Sept.17 Final Examination(15%)due taken at the website before class begins. Chap 18.
Sat Sept.17 Finish any Group presentations.

Sat. Sept 24 Last day of classes. Film.

9. Class Policies:
Scholastic Dishonesty: All work that is submitted in this course should be your own; violation of Park University rules against plagiarism or collusion will cause you to receive a failing grade for the course. Plagiarism is appropriating, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means another's work and the acknowledged submission or incorporation of it as one's own work. Collusion is the unauthorized collaboration with another person or persons in preparing written work for fulfillment of course work.
Attendance and Tardiness: Attendance will be taken at every class meeting. Students who miss more than one class for any reason or are habitually tardy will be asked to withdraw from the course. Disruptiveness will not be tolerated. Hands will be raised for questions or comments in class, after called upon by instructor.
Late Submission of Homework ( websites, individual papers) will be lowered 1/2 percentage for each class that it is not turned in.
Grading Criteria: The following grade scale will be used when computing grades: Two exam grades(15% each), Three class presentations (one individual (15%) and one group(15%), Historical Person (15%) will be included in computing the final grade.
Newpaper articles/ class participation (5%) Attendance (5%) 3 Website reviews will count(15%) of the final grade.

90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
0-59 F

A. Evaluation:
1. Two examination's will be administered at the beginning of the 4th class (Mid-term) and 7th class (Final)..
B. Papers and Projects:
1. Description and Requirements: Submission on website. (Individual& 3 website reviews).
2. Due dates and Deadlines: See attached Schedule.
3. Grading: All presentations (Individual, Group, Historical Figure, ) will be graded on the percentage scale.
a. Make-Up Policy: Only by permission of the instructor.
C. Website Reviews: are to be entered on the website in the class discussion area. 3 full pages minimum!
1. Description and Requirements: The student is required to write the individual presentation using website reviews, journals, books, magazines. APA Format is required..