HI375 The American Frontier

for F1HH 2005

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CourseHI 375 The American Frontier PA
FacultyStricker, Leslie A.
Degrees/CertificatesB.A. Northern Kentucky University
M.A. Wright State University
Daytime Phone(937)434-4397
Semester DatesAugust 8 - October 9, 2005
Class Days----R--
Class Time5:30 - 10:30 PM
Credit Hours3

Etulain, Richard W. Does the Frontier Experience Make
    America Exceptional?  Boston:  Bedford/St. Martins,
Limerick, Patricia Nelson. The Legacy of Conquest:  The
    Unbroken Past of the American West. New York:  W.W.
    Norton & Company, 1987.
Milner, Butler & Lewis. Major Problems in the History of
    the American West. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Company,

Course Description:
A study of the American frontier from the point of view of those who created it and participated in its development.  We will examine the art, music and literature of and about the frontier.  We will, throughout the course, note the participation of non-Anglos along American frontiers, and contrast the American frontier with those of other continents.  3:0:3

Educational Philosophy:
The Instructor's educational philosophy includes making history come alive for the students as much as possible.  The Instructor will present history through classroom lectures, discussion, examination, film, pictures, maps, writings, music & readings.  At all times the Instructor encourages student participation in discussions, presentations, questions, answers, the sharing of personal experiences and research.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the facts, trends, theories and arguments related to important issues and developments in the history of the American Frontier.  Students will display proficiency in their ability to research, organize, analyze, evaluate and interpret various research materials and present and report same.  Students will also be able to discuss various theories and perspectives regarding incidents in the American West as well as interpret, explain and justify their own theories.  Students will integrate and appreciate the diverse lifestyles, cultures and experiences found in the American West. We will analyze the forces that motivated Europeans to explore and settle the New World, appraise the roles played by minority ethnic groups along the frontier, assess the role played by the frontier in America's advancement to a world power.  Students will assess the role of the frontier in the development of American character and critique the significance of "the closing of the frontier" on America and American life.

Course Assessment:
Students are expected to attend and participate in classroom lectures and discussions and complete required reading materials.  Student's grade for the course will be determined on the basis of scores received from one research paper, one oral presentation of basic facts and findings from their research paper, and three examinations.
 Examinations.  Course examinations will consist of essay, short essay, identifications, definitions, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, true/false, matching, sequences, and/or lists.  Examination questions will cover material provided in classroom lectures, discussion, films and textbook readings.  Students may supplement that information with information gathered from the textbook, informational films and outside research.  Students will have 90 minutes from the beginning of the class period to complete each test.  If the student is late for class, the student cuts into their examination period.  It will not be extended unless it is an excused absence.

Research Paper.  Students will be required to research and write one 5-8 page, typed reasearch paper on a subject related to The American Frontier.  Subject matter must receive prior approval from the Instructor.  Unapproved paper topics will not be accepted.  Papers must contain a bibliography of at leave five entries unless prior approval has been obtained from the Instructor regarding your topic.  At least three (3) references must be from sources other than Internet websites.  An informational Research Paper sheet will be distributed later in the term.

Oral Reports. Students will be required to give a 5-6 minute oral presentation of the facts and information detailed in their term papers.  This is not to be  a reading of your paper, but rather a quick summary of the facts and ideas presented in same.

Grades will be awarded for course work as follows:  Examination 1, 25%; Examination 2, 25%; Research Paper, 15%; Oral Report, 10%, Final Examination 25%.  
Percentages required for a grade of A - 90-100%, B - 80-89%, C - 70-79%, D - 60-69%.  A grade of F will be assigned to students receiving less than 60 percentage points.  Earned final grade percentages will not be rounded up or down.  Failure to complete and turn in any assignment will result in a failing grade for the course.

Students must complete every assignment on the syllabus before the end of the term in order to pass the course.

Late Submission of Course Materials:
Class assignments are due at the beginning of class period they are due. Assignments turned in late will be penalized 10% of the grade earned for each day the assignment is late.  Missing assignments will receive a zero.  All assignments must be completed before the end of the term to receive a passing grade for the class.

Classroom Rules of Conduct:
Students in the classroom are encouraged to ask questions, contribute their knowledge and experiences and share ideas and information during class time.  However, it is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of respect at all times for the Instructor as well as the other students.  Instructor and students should be allowed to speak without interruption.  Unnecessary noise and personal conversations prevent others from thinking, concentrating or hearing.  The classroom is no place for rudeness to one another or towards someone's ideas or opinions.
Faculty members are expected to dismiss from their classroom students who behavior is detrimental to good order in the classroom.  Such behavior includes, but is not limited to the use of abusive or obscene language, attending the class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use of cell phones during class, speaking with others while class is in session and other various forms of interruption, etc.  Students who are dismissed from class may be given failing grades, suspension, or expulsion from Park University.  Students whose behavior, either verbal or written, is detrimental to the good order of Park University may be subject to disciplinary action ranging from suspension to expulsion from Park University. Students who exhibit abusive or obscene language or behavior toward administrative personnel or support staff are also subject to suspension or expulsion from Park University.

Course Topic/Dates/Assignments:
Dates for lecture subjects and films are approximate and up to the discretion of the Instructor.  Films are subject to availability.

 Class ActivitiesAssignmentsTests
Meeting - 1
August 11
Intro. Frontier Thesis, New American West, KY FrontierDoes the Frontier Experience Make America Exceptional? 
Meeting - 2
August 18
Longhunters, Corn, Fur, "Indian Problem"
Meeting - 3
August 25
Northwest Territory, Lewis & Clark, Tecumseh, War of 1812 Examination 1
Meeting - 4
September 1
Trail of Tears, New Inventions  
Meeting - 5
September 8
Mexico, California Gold, Oregon, Mormons  
Meeting - 6
September 15
Bleeding Kansas, Civil War, Trans Railroad Examination 2
Meeting - 7
September 22
Cattle Kingdom, Cowboys, Settlers in the Great American Desert  
Meeting - 8
September 29
Long Walk, Custer, Washita, Miners, Wounded KneeOral Reports & Term
Papers Due
Meeting - 9
October 6
Oral Reports Final Exam

Academic Honesty:
Academic integrity is the foundation of the academic community. Because each student has the primary responsibility for being academically honest, students are advised to read and understand all sections of this policy relating to standards of conduct and academic life.  
Park University 2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
Page 85-87
Academic honesty is required of all members of a learning community.  Hence, Park University will not tolerate cheating or plagiarism on tests, examinations, papers or other course assignments.  Students who engage in such dishonesty may be given failing grades or expelled from Park University.

Plagiarism involves the use of quotations without quotation marks, the use of quotations without indication of the source, the use of another's idea without acknowledging the source, the submission of a paper, laboratory report, project, or class assignment (any portion of such) prepared by another person, or incorrect paraphrasing.
Park University 2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
Page 85-87
Plagiarism is the appropriation or imitation of the language or ideas of another person and presenting them as one's original work.  This sometimes occurs through carelessness or ignorance.  Students who are uncertain about proper documentation or sources should consult their instructors.

Attendance Policy:
Instructors are required to maintain attendance records and to report absences via the online attendance reporting system.

  1. The instructor may excuse absences for valid reasons, but missed work must be made up within the semester/term of enrollment.
  2. Work missed through unexcused absences must also be made up within the semester/term of enrollment, but unexcused absences may carry further penalties.
  3. In the event of two consecutive weeks of unexcused absences in a semester/term of enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn, resulting in a grade of "WH".
  4. A "Contract for Incomplete" will not be issued to a student who has unexcused or excessive absences recorded for a course.
  5. Students receiving Military Tuition Assistance or Veterans Administration educational benefits must not exceed three unexcused absences in the semester/term of enrollment. Excessive absences will be reported to the appropriate agency and may result in a monetary penalty to the student.
  6. Report of a "F" grade (attendance or academic) resulting from excessive absence for those students who are receiving financial assistance from agencies not mentioned in item 5 above will be reported to the appropriate agency.
p>Park University 2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog Page 89
Instructor will take attendance at approximately 6:00 pm and again at 9:30 pm during each class.  Students must be present at both times to be counted as present for the class.  

Students who miss or arrive late for classes are responsible for getting any missed annoucements, assignments and/or handouts from the instructor that they might have missed.

Students who miss or arrive late for classes need to obtain any notes they might have missed from another student.

INCOMPLETE POLICY:  An incomplete indicates that the student's course work was not completed during our 9-week semester through no fault of the student.  An incomplete allows a student 60 days from the last day of classes to make up any missed course work before a grade is issued.  When is it justified?  An Incomplete is justified for the following three reasons with appropriate supporting paperwork:
1. TDY - must be accompanied by official TDY orders
2. Sickness or hospitalization - must be accompanied by a note from a doctor and/or work supervisor.
3. a death in the family.
Missed work must be completed within 60 days of the last class date and in time for the Instructor to grade work and submit same.  Students with any unexcused absences during the course of the term are not eligible for an Incomplete.
Students who do not contact their Instructor regarding their absences are not eligible to take the final.  Students with an excused absence for the final must submit written documentation regarding the reason for their absence.

Disability Guidelines:

Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all students that meet the criteria for special assistance. These guidelines are designed to supply directions to students concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal. It is Park University's policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding students with disabilities. In the case of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply. Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all learners that meet the criteria for special assistance. These guidelines are designed to supply directions to learners concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal. It is Park University's policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding learners with disabilities and, to the extent of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply. Additional information concerning Park University's policies and procedures related to disability can be found on the Park University web page:

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