HC451 Hlth Care & the Political Proces

for F2B 2005

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HC 451

Health Care and the Political Process

Phillip L. Sims, Instructor

Cell (915) 204-8985

e-mail: psims@elp.rr.com

10 October thru 31 November 2005

Tuesday and Thursday, 1700 to 1930 hours

Fort Bliss, Texas


COURSE SYLLABUS                 



I.      COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                     


         Analysis of the present process of health policy formation at the federal, state, and 

         local levels from historical and contemporary perspectives. Specific topics will

         include cost controls, utilization review, methods of changing public and private

         health policies, and political factors in health care delivery.


II.     GOALS OF THE COURSE                                                                                       


         The course is designed so that the student will have a better understanding of

         politics at all levels of government and how it affects the delivery of health care.

         The course will also address the health care utilization process by various

         government and non-government agencies and their influence on how health

         care is delivered




          The student will have a clearer perspective of the effects of the political process on

          health care, the utilization process in health care and its necessity. Also, how

          politics at all levels of government affect health care delivery.




                            Lecture/conference                                     Lecture review

                            Paper                                                           Paper presentation

                            Mid-term examination                                Final examination




         Paper. A paper will be required of all students. The paper will be at least seven (7)

         pages long, not including the table of contents, (index) and bibliography,

         typed, and double spaced. The paper will deal with a subject in relation to the

           course and agreed upon between the student and the instructor.

HC 451


Page 2 (cont’d)


           Paper presentation. Each student will prepare a 3 to 5 minute oral presentation that

           will provide an overview of the paper the student researched on a subject dealing

           with health care and the political process. These papers will be presented in class

           with specific times to be given in class.




           Health Policymaking in the United States, 3rd Edition, B.B. Longest, Jr., Health

           Administration Press, 2002.




             Health Policy Issues, An Economic Perspective, 3rd Edition, Paul J. Feldstein,

           Health Administration Press, 2003.




10-10 Administrative announcements, discussions of the syllabus. Chapter 1. The

 Relationship of  Government and Politics to Health and Health Care.


10-12 Continue Chapter 1. Review questions at the end of chapter 1. The Rise in

   Medical Expenditures, (supplement resource).


10-17 Chapter 2. The Impact of Health Policy. How much should we spend on health 



10-19 Continue Chapter 2. Do more medical expenditures produce better health?


10-24 Chapter 3. The Context and Process of Health Policymaking. In whose interest

 does the physician act?


10-26 Chapter 4. Policy Formulation: Agenda Setting. Rationing medical services.


10-31 Continue Chapter 4. How much health insurance should everyone have?


11-2   Mid-term Examination.


11-7   Chapter 5. Policy formulation: Development of Legislation. Medicare and







HC 451


Page3 (cont’d)



11-9   Continue Chapter 5. The shortage of nurses. The high price of prescription drugs.

   Student Presentations.


11-14 Chapter 6. Policy implementation. Employer-mandated national health insurance.

 Student Presentations.


11-16 Continue Chapter 6. The politics of health care reform.

 Student Presentations.


11-21 Chapter 7. Policy Modification. The role of government in health care.

 Student Presentations.


11-23 Chapter 8. Political Competence. Review for the final examination. Research

           papers due


11-28 Final Examination. Make-up student presentations.


11-30 Review of final examination.




          Class participation is expected and will form a part of the final grade. Students are

          expected to come to all classes and to be on time. Roll will be taken at each class

          meeting. Classes missed for legitimate reasons, such as illness, temporary duty, are

          excusable; however, the student must make up the missed work. The student is

          responsible for providing the instructor with justification for an excused absence

          either prior to or immediately after the absence. Two unexcused absences are

          excessive and three unexcused absences will result in an in voluntary withdrawal

          and a grade of “F” (attendance) for the course.


X.      Submitting someone else’s work as your own will not be tolerated. If determined

          by the instructor that academic dishonesty has occurred in any part of the course,

          the student(s) involved will normally be given an immediate grade of F and

          dropped from the course. The second violation results in automatic expulsion

          from the school. The Assistant Vice President will be notified in writing of the

          action taken.







HC 451


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          The final course grade will be determined using the following measurements:


                                         Mid-term Exam                                    30%

                                         Final Exam                                           30%

                                         Comprehensive Cases (Paper)              30%

                                         Class Participation                                10%


          Mid-term exam will cover Chapters 1 through 4 and the Final Exam will cover

          Chapters 5 through 8.


          The comprehensive case paper must be typewritten and submitted on or before the

          last lecture prior to the final examination. Late papers will not be accepted and a

          failing grade for that part of the course assigned. Final papers will be due on or

          before 11-23.


          The following will be used to assign course letter grades.


                             90     -     100                 A

                             80     -       89                 B

                             70     -       79                 C

                             60     -       69                 D

                             Below 60                       F (also for three or more unexcused absences)