CJ105 Criminal Law

for F2B 2005

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Course Number: CJ 105

Course Title:  Criminal Law

Instructor:  Judge M. Sue Kurita     543-3868    email: mskurit@aol.com

Term Dates:  October15-December 3, 2005

Course Time: Saturdays 8:00a.m.- 12:30p.m.                                          


I.     Course Description

A survey of the history and nature of criminal law in the United States.  Substantive criminal law, defenses, and criminal responsibility will be studied within the context of the criminal justice process and rules of evidence.


II.    Course Goals

1 .      To provide the student with an historical background of American criminal law.

2.       To provide the student with a "working knowledge of the basic concepts of criminal law including the balancing of constitutional rights with the need for public order.

         3.  To provide the student with the knowledge of different crimes and the                                                               elements of the crimes.



III.  Learning Objectives

1.  The student completing the course of instruction will be able to demonstrate his/her knowledge of American criminal law concepts.

           2.      The student completing this course of instruction will be able to

         Demonstrate his/her knowledge of the balancing of constitutional rights and

                    the needs for public order.

  3.     The student completing this course will be able to demonstrate his/her

           Knowledge of the

           major personalities, history, social events, etc. affecting the evolution of the American

           criminal law through decisions of the US- Supreme Court.


IV.    Course Arrangements

The class will consist of lecture and class discussion and participation.



V.     Course Requirements

Students are required to read all assigned material prior to class and be prepared to discuss and brief the cases located at the end of each chapter.


Discussion of the chapter cases will the basis of the class participation grade.


VI.    Textbook      

 Gardner, T. J., Anderson, T. M.  Criminal Law Principles and Cases , West Publishing 8th Edition, 1999.  


 VII.    Supplemental Resource Material List

Blacks Law Dictionary

Outside readings as assigned by Professor.


VIII.   Class Policies

Class participation is required. Students are responsible for completing all reading assignments prior to class.                                                  


The Park College policy concerning class attendance will be strictly enforced.


Academic honesty is non-negotiable cheating will not be tolerated.



IX.    Grading Policies


        1. Mid-Term Exam           50%      

        2. Final Exam                   50%                


A      90%-100%

B      80%- 89%

C      70%-79%

D      60%-69%

F       Below    60%













Criminal Law Class Meeting and Schedule


17 March          Introduction & Chapter 1                    Introduction


19  March          Chapters 2-3                                        Purpose, Scope, and Sources; Essential Elements of a Crime


24 March        Chapters 4-5                                       Criminal Liability; Criminal capacity to commit a crime


26 March          Chapters 6-7                                        The Law Governing the use of Force: Other Criminal Defenses;


31 March          Chapters 8                                        Punishment  & Review


2 April           Chapter 9                                         Jurisdiction                        


7 April      Chapters 1-9                            Review


9 April                       MIDTERM    EXAM


14April          Chapters 10-11                              The Limits of Free Speech; Maintaining Public Order


16 April          Chapters 12                                         The Limits of Other Freedoms


21 April          Chapters 13                                        Homicide;


28 April           Chapters 14                                        Assault, Battery C. A. P


30 April          Chapters 15-17                               Theft, Robbery, Shoplifting Fraud & Other Property Crimes


5 May                    Review                                          Review 


7 May                    Final Exam