PS206 Intro to Guidance and Counseling

for F1J 2004

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KC Accelerated - Independence Fall I 2004

When:                                     August 23, 2004October 17, 2004

5:30 – 9:50 PM Wednesdays

INSTUCTOR:                                      Konnie Bullard, MSSG

                                                                Pager – 816-989-9863

                                                                E-Mail –

SITE:                                                      Independence Campus, 2200 South M-291 Hwy (816) 252-9065

I.                     COURSE DISCRIPTION:

·         A practical application of the techniques, styles, disciplines and psychological foundation for effective psychotherapeutic counseling.  Techniques are emphasized with introduction to apply psychological theories.

II.                   OBJECTIVES OF THIS COURSE:

·         To introduce adult learners to the concepts of counseling, to explore counseling techniques via practical experiences, to promote communication and listening skills, and to promote individual adult learner interests in applied psychology.

III.                 CREDIT HOURS:

·         Three


·         This course will require weekly-required readings; lecture; class discussion of assigned readings and related issues; guest speakers, role-playing.


·         Students will be expected to complete all reading assignments and be prepared for discussion

·         TWO (2) exams

·         Each student will keep a weekly journal, due at the beginning of each class.  IF HAND WRITTEN MUST BE LEGIBLE FOR CREDIT.  (3 pg typed, double spaced, 12 font - preferred – 5 pg. Hand written.)

·         ONE (1) 10 minute group presentation

·         ONE (1) research presentation (8 Min.)

VI.                TEXTBOOK:

·         Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 6th Edition – Gerald Corey

ISBN 0-5343-4823-8


Week 1                                                   Welcome/Assignments/Expectations                                              Chapter 1

                                                                Lecture # 1: Introduction & Overview

Myer-Briggs Evaluation-Journal Assignment


Week 2                                                   Students will prepare presentation on personal assessment        Chapter 2

                                                                in small groups – Video – Journal Assignment


Week 3                                                   Group Presentations/Discussion of Assessment                                                          

                                                                Lecture # 2: The Counselor/ Ethical Issues                                     Chapter 3

Journal Assignment                                           


Week 4                                                   Lecture # 3: Psychoanalytical Theory                                              Chapter 4                                                                                Midterm Review- Journal Assignment


Week 5                                                   Midterm Exam                                                                                       Chapter 5

                                                                Lecture #4: Adlerian Therapy  - Journal Assignment


Week 6                                                   Lecture #5: Existential/Person Centered Therapy                           Chapter 6 & 7

                                                                Review Exam – Journal Assignment


Week 7                                                   Research Paper Due

Lecture # 6: Gestalt/Reality Therapy                                                Chapters  8 & 9

Guest Speaker                                                      


Week 8                                                   Lecture #7: Feminist/Family System Therapy                 Chapter  11 &12   

                                                                Final Exam


VII.               Instructor reserves the right to change the syllabus content and or requirements of the course to accommodate the needs of the instructor and the class.

VIII.             Attendance at all classes is expected. Class participation evaluation will be correlated to attendance.



·         Grading Scale:


Class Participation/Attendance                                       10%

Group Presentation                                                            5%

Midterm Exam                                                                      30%

Daily Journal/Research Assignment                             25%

Final Exam                                                                            30%


  • Group Presentation

This presentation will be due on the third night of class. The topic will be chosen by the group based on the results of an individual evaluation taken on the second night.  Ample time will be given during class for preparation.  Everyone is expected to participate.  Each group will be given a 10 – 12 min. time limit. 

  • Daily Journal

The daily journal will be turned in at the beginning of each class.  It must be legible to receive credit.  Some suggestions for topics will be given in the class.  The purpose of this exercise is to assist in self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Research Assignment

Each student will be assigned a topic of choice and will be required to research and present findings to the class.  A typed 1 page paper will be given to the instructor at the end of the presentation containing items discussed.  Proper documentation will be expected. – The purpose of this exercise is to practice public speaking.   – 8 min. limit.


Introduction – Overview

I.                    Welcome – Who I am?

a.                   Konnie Bullard – Masters of Science – Social Gerontology

b.                  Park Graduate in 1997 – Social Psychology  -

c.                   1995 – Moved from Canada - Divorced after 16 years as a farm wife.  Most difficult writing was grocery list.

d.                  I had 25 credit hours worked full time & went to school or studied.

e.                   Kept going to school after BS.  Love old folks –

f.                    Went to CMSU Masters Gerontology Program –

g.                   Work in LTC as an Act. Director to learn health care process…

h.                   1997 married a Police Office – Proud mamma of “Kemo”

i.                     Goal or Dream to teach – help other non-traditional students achieve goals. 

j.                    Father said – not college material….. 5 kids, only one to have a masters but make the least amt. of money. 

k.                  Was not going to tell you but you are Guinea Pigs. – 1st child trial and error. Just learn. – learn together. Don’t know everything by a long shot but have worked hard and will continue to. 

l.                     Really excited and looking forward to this opportunity. 

m.                 Major goal to learn – not so much the grade. But… the best instructors were the tough ones.  Spent a lot of time sweating over exams and assignments…. Have not decided to take revenge or be understanding… somewhere in the middle.

n.                   Promise to review – more interested in participation than tests. Reflected in grade scale.

II.                 Who are You?

a.                   The first class in a long time?

b.                  Why are you here?

c.                   Where do you want to go?

d.                  What do you do- family ect.

e.                   Anything else you want to share….


III.               Class Rules:

a.                  NO SLEEPING!!

b.                  No phones – pagers turned to vibrate.

c.                   2 - 15 min breaks 7:00 – 8:30 – (bathroom/phone calls then)

d.                  Do not leave early, count against you in participation   - get your money’s worth. 

e.                   Expect attendance but you are adults – vacation – kids ect.

f.                    Responsible to get info from a classmate. –

g.                   All make up tests might be essay –

h.                   It is ok to Eat in class, don’t smack your lips with gum and don’t crunch ice. – (Most meals come from vending machine)

IV.              Sharing: - May seem like common sense but set the ground rules.

a.                    - Sensitive ground but Ever taken a class where there was a talker who had to say something constantly and then got carried away and told stories no one else could share…. Be mindful of that… Can say that at first class because we are just setting the stage for the next 8 weeks.  Work with old folks all day, not afraid to tactfully tell you to give it a rest.


b.                  Confidentially:  Very important what is heard in this class stays in this class.  – Not to be discussed.  Waiver to sign. 


c.                   Be respectful and non-judgmental if differs from social, religious beliefs.  All ages – different viewpoints. NO PREACHING.


d.                  Be open to growth. Be honest.


e.                   I am very impressed with the text.   Easy to read and understand.


f.                    Due to the high cost of books I will be using bits and pieces of the workbook.  One less book to buy.