HI375 The American Frontier

for S1LL 2005

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Syllabus HI 375
January - March 2005
Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Campus Center: Little Rock Air Force Base
Instructor: Marshia Coleman

Course Description: A study of the American frontier from the point of view of those who created it and participated in its development. We will examine the art, music and literature of and about the frontier. We will, throughout the course, not ignore the participation of nonAnglos along American frontiers, and contrast the American frontier with those of other continents.

Goals of the Course:
* To become familiar with the discipline and methods of history.
* To use the tools of historical method to understand the 19th Century culture and society in American history.
* To understand modern cultural traditions from the perspective of history, society and aesthetics.

Learning Objectives:
*An understanding of historical methods, historians’ interpretive approaches to history and elements of 19th Century American history.
*Critical Literacy: skill in critical thinking through evaluation of historical interpretations and myths, which direct popular conceptions.
*Civic Literacy: insight into American social and political systems and into ways for contributing to responsible citizen participatory solutions.
* Values Literacy: skill in evaluating changing social norms and their historical effects.
*Aesthetic Literacy: insight into the interplay of artistic interpretation with social conflict, technological and ethical questions.

Course Arrangements: Class sessions will include several of the following educational formats:
* Lecture which presents new material.
*Small group discussions for student analysis and preparation for general class discussions.
*Video detailing specific historical issues.
*In-class written examinations.
*Oral student in-class presentations summarizing and evaluating the focal essays discussed in research papers.
*Discussion of research being undertaken in student research papers.
*Review of material for exams.

Course Requirements:
*Two in-class exams
*Class attendance is required. Three absences will result in an F being given for a final grade. In the event you must miss a class, please contact me at 796-4155 or call the Park Office.
*A research paper of 10 pages on a historical topic approved in advance by the instructor.
*A presentation in class based on the above research.
*Regular class discussion based on the reading assignments.
Make-up exams are given in the Park Office, before 1:00 p.m., during regular business hours. If you miss an exam, you will have five business days to make it up. You are responsible to call the Park Office and make arrangements for the make- up exam.

Topic: Research of a 19th Century issue involving American frontier economics, European-Native American interaction, demographics, institutions, popular culture, or cultural representations.
Length: 10 pages content… must include title page and bibliography also

Content: The paper should not only research the issue, event or myth, but the paper should evaluate the issue’s, event’s or idea’s importance to the frontier.
Research Requirements: The paper should use at least TEN books or journal articles. Book reviews and Internet material may be used in addition to the TEN texts or journals. Citations must be included (no anonymous Internet information). Papers and presentations are due Tuesday, March 1, 2005. Papers and presentations will not be accepted late. You may turn work in advance though.

Course Text:
* Limerick. The Legacy of Conquest. W. W. Norton, 1988.
* Miller, Butler and Lewis, Major Problems in the history of the American West, second edition. Houghton Mifflin, 1997.
* Etulain. Does the Frontier Experience Make America Exceptional? St. Martin, 1999.

Midterm Exam 100 points
Final Exam 100 points
Paper 100 points
Presentation 50 points
Grade Breakdown:

Tentative Class Schedule: TBA

PAPER: The paper...Any standard format will be fine... A.P.A. , MLA, or Turabian
Paper must be typed. Double-spaced. 12 font. This font is 10. This is 12 font.

If you need additional help, feel free to call me at home 796-4155.