MA212 Calculus and Analytic Geom III

for S2B 2005

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Course Number: MA 212
Course Title: Calculus III
Instructor: Fred M. Belanger
Term Dates: 15 Mar-5 May 05
Meeting Time: T/Th 1700-1930
Site: Ft. Bliss, TX


I. Course Description:

The study of multi-dimensional spaces, functions in multi-dimensional space, partial differentiation, and multiple integration.

II. Goals of the course:

Each student will become familiar with multi-dimensional space and associated functions and will be proficient in performing partial differentiation and multiple integration.

III. Learning Objectives:

The student will learn vectors in two and three dimensions; learn how to determine the dot and vector products of vectors; be familiar with vector-valued functions and space curves in addition to their limits, derivatives, and integrals; learn how to describe curvilinear; be familiar with functions of several variables; be able to take partial derivatives of functions; learn the properties of increments and differentials; know how to apply the chain rule to partial differentiation; know how to perform directional derivatives; be able to perform double integration; learn how to compute area and volume; be familiar with double integrals in polar coordinates; be able to compute surface area; be able to perform triple integration.

IV. Course Arrangements:

Lecture and class discussion.

V. Course Requirements:

Students are required to read assigned material, complete homework problems, and participate in classroom discussion.

VI. Course Text:

Hostetler, et al, Calculus, Houghton Mifflin Company, 7th Edition, Boston, MA 2002.
VII. Supplemental Resource Materials List:

VIII. Class Meeting and Examination Schedule:
Date Chapter Topic
15 Mar 10.1-10.3 Vectors
17 Mar 10.4-10.6 Vectors - cont
22 Mar 11.1-11.4 Vector-Valued Functions
24 Mar Review, Chapters 10 & 11
29 Mar Exam, Chapters 10 & 11
31 Mar 12.1-12.2 Functions of several variables
5 Apr 12.3-12.4 Functions of several variables -cont
7 Apr 12.5-12.6 Functions of several variables -cont
12 Apr 12.7-12.8 Functions of several variables -cont
14 Apr Review, Chapter 12
19 Apr Exam, Chapter 12
21 Apr 13.1-13.3 Multiple Integration
26 Apr 13.4-13.5 Multiple Integration-cont
28 Apr 13.6-12.7 Multiple Integration-cont
3 May Review, Chapter 13
5 May Exam, Chapter 13

IX. Class Policies:
1. It is expected that all students will participate in the class by asking questions and by presenting problems as assigned.
2. Three (3) unexcused absences will result in a grade of F. All students are encouraged to consult with the instructor if he/she is expecting to be absent for legitimate reasons.
3. A student turning anybody else's work as his/her own will not be tolerated. If determined by the instructor that academic dishonesty has occurred in any part of the course, the student involved will normally be given an immediate grade of F and dropped from the course. The Dean of Academic Affairs will be notified in writing of the action taken. The added recommendation will be made to the Dean that the student involved be dropped from the college.

X. Grading Policy:
The final grade in the course will be determined as follows:
Exam I........33% A............90% or above
Exam II.......33% B............80 to 89.99%
Exam III......34% C............70 to 79.99%
Total...100% D............60 to 69.99%
F............Below 60% or 3
unexcused absences A grade of 'I' will not be allowed unless the student has met with the instructor and discussed the difficulties encountered.