PS206 Intro to Guidance and Counseling

for F2B 2004

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Course Syllabus

Course Number: PS 206

Course Title: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling

Instructor: Dr. John C. Sienrukos (915) 539-8536 (Work) E-mail:

Term Dates: 12 Oct – 2 Dec 2004

Meeting Time: Tues/Thurs 1700 – 1930 Resident Center: Fort Bliss, Texas
Course Description

This course is a survey of guidance process, communication, functions of counseling, and various counseling theories. The course is designed to introduce students to the whole guidance process. Emphasis will be placed on an integrated (eclectic) approach to basic helping skills using theory, practice, and case application. The course will provide students with the foundation to develop skills they need to establish effective helping relationships.

Goals of the Course

To provide students with an overview and basic understanding of the background, theory, and applications of the various approaches used in the helping professions. The student will be able to evaluate their personality type and relate this to the guidance process. Emphasis will be placed on listening, communication, and interpersonal skills in groups and role-playing situations.

Learning Objectives

In order to provide an understanding of the theories, concepts, and processes that effectively guide the forces of counseling, students will be expected to accomplish the following:

A. Discuss general counseling models for effective helping

B. Describe and contrast the various approaches used in helping professions

C. Define a helping relationship and counseling in concrete terms

D. Describe ways to develop effective helping relationships

E. Describe the impact of personal values on helping relationships

F. Increase awareness of individual preferences strengths, weaknesses, and how they affect helping relationships

G. Discuss ethical considerations relating to the helping professions

H. Discuss major counseling theories
Course Arrangement

This course is designed as an instructor-to-student discussion and instructor-to- student and student-to-student discussion format. Practical exercises, such as case studies will be introduced to expand upon concepts and current issues.
Course Requirements

A. Students are required to complete assigned readings prior to class

B. Students are expected to participate in group discussions

C. Students will present chapter summaries to class

D. All course work must be completed prior to the assignment of a final grade

E. Group discussions and role playing situations
Course Textbook

Effective Helping, Barbara F. Okun (6th Edition), Brooks/Cole Publishing Co, 2002.

Class handouts will be provided to spur discussion and participation

Class Policy

Academic dishonesty will result in immediate release from the class and a failing grade. Students are expected to attend all classes on time and be prepared to be an active participant in the class. Student participation will be reflected in the student's final grade. Attendance will be recorded at each class meeting. It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of any expected absence(s), and to arrange with the instructor to make-up any missed assignments. Unexcused absences will be forwarded to the Park University Administrative Office. Please refer to the Park University Handbook for the attendance policy. If an unanticipated absence should occur students are encouraged to contact the instructor at either of the telephone numbers listed on the first page of this syllabus.

Grading Policy

A - 90 - 100
B - 80 - 89
C - 70 - 79
D - 60 - 69
F - 00 - 59

Mid-term Examination—100 Points

Final Examination—100 Points
Class Participation—50 Points
Written summaries—50 Points
Total points for course= 300 Points

Class Meeting and Examination Schedule

Week 1

Tuesday (12 Oct)

Administrative notes and course overview
No prior reading

Thursday (14 Oct)

Chapter summary for Chapter 1
Practical Exercises

Week 2

Tuesday (19 Oct)

Chapter summary for Chapter 2
Practical Exercises

Thursday (21 Oct)

Chapter summary for Chapter 3
Practical exercises

Week 3

Tuesday (26 Oct)

Chapter summary for Chapter 4
Practical Exercises

Thursday (28 Oct)

Chapter summary for Chapter 5
Practical Exercises

Week 4

Tuesday (2 Nov)

Chapter summary for Chapter 7
Practical Exercises

Thursday (4 Nov)

Mid-Term Examination

Week 5

Tuesday (9 Nov)

Chapter summary for Chapter 7
Practical Exercises
Week 5

Thursday (11 Nov)

Chapter summary for Chapter 8
Practical Exercises

Week 6

Tuesday (16 Nov)

Chapter summary for Chapter 10
Practical Exercises

Thursday (18 Nov)

Practical Exercises

Week 7

Tuesday (23 Nov)

Practical Exercises
Review for Final Exam

Week 8

Thursday (30 Nov)
Final Exam

Week 8

Tuesday (2 Dec)

Discuss Final Exam & course grade