HR353 Int to Human Resource Management

for F1Y 2004

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NSA Millington, Millington, TN Fall I 2004

COURSE TITLE: Introduction to Human Resource Development
INSTRUCTOR: H. Nick Nicholson,, SPHR
HOME PHONE: (901) 752-8587
CELL PHONE: (901) 230-5203
TERM DATES: Aug. 23 to Oct. 13, 2004
MEETING TIME: Monday / Wednesday, 4:30—7:00pm
SITE: Millington NAS

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Theory, methodology and application of human resource planning and development techniques, staffing analysis and planning: career management, management succession and development, performance improvement.

COURSE GOALS: At the completion of the course the students will be able to identify the laws and executive orders that regulate the workplace. They will understand the objectives required for staffing, employee development, compensation, and governance of the workplace.

COURSE ARRANGEMENTS: Regular attendance and participation is required of all students. Students should be prepared to discuss the cases at the end of each chapter after having read the information. There will be lecture, case discussion, and student lead discussions in conjunction with presentations each week. The last week of the course we will have group presentations. The attendance policy and academic honesty that are observed in this class are regulated by the university and will be enforced by this instructor.

1. Each student is required to read and be prepared to discuss two chapters a week (see attached schedule). Review Questions at the end of each chapter may be handwritten, ODD numbered questions for the odd numbered chapters, EVEN numbered questions for the even numbered chapters. All questions are due by Sep. 22nd, for full credit. Questions for chapters 1-13 are required prior to the Mid-Term Exam.

2. A Research Paper is required on a topic related to the course. Outside reading of 3 to 5 articles of your choice and any information included in the text should be used to write the paper that is due by Oct 11. This paper should be typed, double-spaced, 8 to 10 pages in length, with proper attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and content with a bibliography. This assignment is in the place of a Final Exam.

3. Each student is required to lead a discussion of a case study from the text. The discussion should include your own thoughts and comments as well as comments from the text on the case. A brief outline and handouts should be presented to the instructor the day of delivery. Selection of the chapter and week of presentation will be made the first week of class.

4. Group Assignment. During the first class students will be assigned to a group for the purpose of presenting a scenario related to human resources management activities in corporations. Each student in the group is required to actively participate. A typed outline of the presentation should be turned in to the instructor (with all students’ names). Suggested topics for group assignment:

_____ I. Management Decision to Downsize Organization
 Goals of downsizing
 Factors to consider such as: workforce demographics, severance/retirement package
 Ultimate results/impact on organization

_____ II. Cultural Diversity Workshop
 Develop a company policy on diversity.
 Conduct group exercises
 Role-play

_____ III. Union/Management Negotiation
 Discuss union wants
 Management concessions
 Include working conditions, benefits, pension.

5. Mid-Term Examination will be conducted on Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2004 and will cover material from chapters 1-16. On that date the exam is worth the full 25 points.
TEXT: Wendell L. French Human Resources Management, fifth edition. Houghton Mifflin, 2003. ISBN: 0-618-12335-0

Week Date Reading/Class Agenda Case Presentation
1 8/2325 Introductions
Assign Groups
Read Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 Chap 1 Case 1.1 Chap 1 Case 4.1

2 8/309/1 Read Chapters 5 & 6
Answer Review Questions Lecture/Video/Presentations Chap 5 Case 5.1 Chap 6 Case 6.2

3 9/1 9/8 Read Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10
Answer Review Questions Lecture/Video/Presentations Chap 7 Case 7.2 Chap 9 Case 9.1

4 9/13 915 Read Chapters 11, 12 & 13
Answer Review Questions Lecture/Presentations/Group Mtgs. Review Chap 11 Case 11.2 Chap 13 Case 13.1

5 9/20 9/22 Read Chapters14, 15 & 16
Turn in Review Questions
Chapters 1-13
MID-TERM EXAM Sep. 22 Chap 14 Case 14.1
Chap 16 Case 16.1

6 9/27 9/29 Read Chapters 17,18, 19 & 20
Answer Review Questions Lecture/Videos/Presentations Chap 18 Case 18.1 Chap 20 Case 20.2

7 10/4 10/6 Read Chapters 21,22 & 23
Answer Review Questions Lecture/Video/Presentations
Group Meetings Chap 22 Case 22.2

8 10/11-10/13 Group Meeting
All Discussion Questions Due

CLASS POLICIES: The following class policies have been established by Park University, and are available to students to review in the Park University Undergraduate Catalog 2003-2004.
Academic Honesty: “Academic Honesty is required of all members of a learning community. Hence, Park will not tolerate cheating or plagiarism on tests, examinations, papers or other course assignments. Students who engage in such dishonesty may be given failing grades or expelled from Park. Plagiarism-the appropriation or imitation of the language or ideas of another person and presenting them as one’s original work-sometimes occurs through carelessness or ignorance. Students who are uncertain about proper documentation of sources should consult their instructors.”
Attendance Policy: “Students are expected to attend each and every schedule meeting of all courses in which they are enrolled and to be present for the full class period. Absenteeism and tardiness, regardless of cause, are a threat to academic achievement. Classes missed for legitimate reasons (e.g., illness, death in the family, work assignments, temporary duty) may be excused at the determination of the instructor; however, “excused” students absent from classes are responsible for all materials covered during the class period. The student is also subject to appropriate consequences, as described by instructor in the syllabus. A student who has two consecutive “unexcused” absences will be withdrawn from class. To comply with Federal regulations, instructors must keep a written record of attendance for every student. An incomplete will not be issued to a student who has unexcused or excessive absences recorded for the course.”
GRADING POLICY: A MAXIMUM OF 100 POINTS ARE AVAILABLE IN THIS CLASS. The percentage points and number of points available for each assignment are identical, i.e. 30% = 30 points. The letter grades will be calculated as follows. A = 90-100 points, B = 80-89 points, C = 70-79 points, D = 60-69 points, F = 59 points and below.

Chapter Questions 20 points
Individual Case Discussion 10 points
Mid-Term Exam 25 points
Research Paper 25 points
Group Project 20 points
Total 100 points