HR353 Int to Human Resource Management

for F1J 2004

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KC Accelerated - Downtown Fall I 2004

Syllabus HR 353

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Park Accelerated - Downtown Fall I 2004

                                                  Introduction to Human Resource Management
                                                           Leah Rasmussen, Instructor
                                            (816) 448-7318 (work)   (913) 649-7597 (home)
                                                    August 23 – October  17, 2004


Course Description:  This course will integrate theory and methodology in today’s human resource environment and culture.  Classroom lecture and facilitated discussions will focus on human resource issues, group dynamics, staffing analysis, career planning, performance improvement, and the role of the Human Resource Manager in small and large organizations. 

Goals of the Course:  To provide the student with an overview of human resource management, management theory, and application of management theories in today’s organizations.  Through case studies and analysis of various organizations, the student will be equipped with the knowledge and communication skills needed to become successful managers.  The student will analyze selected cases and come to logical conclusions relevant to the assigned reading material.  

Learning Objectives:  After completion of this course, the student should be able to:
-                      Identify key processes and systems in the human resource management field
-                      Use management theories and apply them in organizations
-                      Evaluate employees in organizations
-                      Identify and solve management related issues 

Required Text:  Human Resource Management,  Ninth Edition by Gary Dessler
                            ISBN: 0-13-066492-8  

Course Requirements: 
-                      Assigned text should be read prior to class and the student should be prepared to discuss
-                      Class participation is critical and encouraged since many of the in-class assignments will
             involve team dynamics

-           Final Exam

-           (2) Quizzes (announced)
-                      Term paper on a topic related to HR Management
-                      Group Presentation 

(8/24)   Week 1:                  Introduction to course work and expectations – Lecture 

(8/31)   Week 2:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion – Team activities 

(9/7)     Week 3:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion  - Team activities 

(9/14)   Week 4:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion – Team activities 

(9/21)   Week 5:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion – Team activities 

(9/28)   Week 6:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion – Team activities 

(10/5)   Week 7:                  Lecture – Reading Assignment Discussion – Student Presentations – Final Exam Distribution (take home)

(10/12) Week 8:                  Student presentations – Term Paper Due – Final Exam Due

Class Policies:
Plagiarism:  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Sources must be clearly documented within the text of the paper.  If it is determined that plagiarism exists, an automatic grade of “F” will given for the course. 

Attendance:  Attendance is expected.  In the event of two consecutive weeks of unexcused absences in the term of enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn, resulting in the grade of “F”.  Unexcused absence is defined as absence without prior notification.   Attendance means to be in class from 5:30 to 9:50 p.m.  

Class Participation:  Class participation is expected.  Participation may involve both individual and group projects as assigned throughout the course. 

Term Paper:  A term paper will be the final product of the course.  Research beyond the course text will be required.  

Grading Plan: 100 point possible

Attendance: 2 points per class x 8 classes = 16 points – you will not be penalized 5 points for an EXCUSED absence.  You will be given the opportunity to make up (3) participation points.  For an UNEXCUSED absence, you will be penalized 5 points with no opportunity to make up participation points.  If you are not planning to be in class, please notify the instructor or leave a voice mail message. 

Participation: 3 points per class x 8 classes = 24 points

Quizzes (will be announced) 2 @ 5 points each = 10 points

Final Exam = 20 points

Presentation = 10 points

Term Paper = 20 points

Grading Scale:
A             90-100 points
B             80-89 points
C             70-79 points
D             60-69 points
F              50 and below 

Subject to change per instructor