MG401 Senior Seminar in Management

for F2J 2004

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Syllabus MG 401
Senior Seminar in Management

Park Accelerated - Downtown Spring II 2005

934 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO 64105

Senior Seminar in Management
Gwen Pierce, M.S.M. Information Security
M.S.M. Master of Science of Management, Baker University
B.S. Management/Human Resources, Park College
: Spring II, 2005
: Thursday, 5:30 - 9:50PM


A study of the strategic management process that has become the model used in business today. The model is designed to assist management in formulating multilevel strategic objectives. Then we will analyze how to link each objective and integrate them into a corporate master plan.


1. To understand of the strategic management process

2. Analyze a corporation's capability and the surrounding opportunities.

3. How organizations can best organize and carry out the competitive capabilities

4. Learn the 10 commandments of case analysis's work and how to apply them.


To be able to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of the course objectives through discussion during class meetings, assigned readings, case studies presentation, examinations.

COURSE ARRANGEMENT: Lecture discussion on assigned readings.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Specific requirements on page 3. For the student to gain knowledge from class meetings, it is fully expected that all assigned readings will be completed prior to each meeting.


Strategic Management Concepts and Cases by Arthur A. Thompson Jr, and Dr. A.J. Strickland, McCraw-Hill Irwin Publishing Company, Thirteenth Edition, Copyright 2003

CLASS SCHEDULE AND ASSIGNMENT: See following page or pages

Attendance Policy
Instructor is required to keep attendance records and report absences.

Regular and punctual attendance is a requirement for successful completion of any course. An absence (not attending or arriving 15 minutes after class begins) for three (3) or more class sessions will result in the student being withdrawn. After the final withdrawal date a student will receive a "F" grade. Three tardies (arriving during the first 15 minutes of class) count as one class absence. Students are cautioned that Park University policy regarding class attendance will be strictly enforced. The student is expected to be in class as scheduled. Test is due on the day of administration. NO test or class work will be accepted late in fairness to all students. An "F" grade will be issued for this work.

Notify instructor or school in advance of absence.

Academic Honesty

Your attention is invited to Park University Bulletin that explains the academic honesty policy. Cheating or plagiarism on tests, examinations, or other course assignments will not be tolerated.


There will be two examinations, a group formal case analysis paper, and a presentation of the case analysis paper.

Final Grade will consist of : 90- 100% A

Mid-Term Exam 40% 80 - 89% B

Final Exam 40% 70 - 79% C

Group Case Paper 10% 60 - 69% D

Presentation of Case 10% less than 60% F


Week 1 Chapter 1 - The Strategic Management Process
Read - A Guide to Case Analysis Pg. C-2

Week 2 Chapter 2 - Establishing Company Direction
Choose Groups for Case Analysis

Week 3 Chapter 3 - Industry and Competitive Analysis

Week 4 Mid Term Exam
Chapter 4 - Evaluating Company Resources and Competitive Capabilities

Week 5 Chapter 5 - Strategy and Competitive Advantage

Week 6 Chapter 9 - Strategy and Competitive Advantage in Diversified Companies

Week 7 Chapter 10 - Evaluating the Strategies of Diversified Companies

Presentation of Group Case Analysis

Week 8 Final Exam


Make sure that you read all of the illustration capsules that are in each chapter that has been assigned. The capsules will be used for discussion in the class.