CS360 Database Management

for S1SS 2005

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CourseCS 360 Database Management
FacultyShamloo, Kavooss
TitleAdjunct Faculty
Advanced Communications and Computer Systems Programming
Office LocationRandolph AFB
Office HoursM-F 08:00 am - 04:30 pm
Daytime Phone(210) 652-2507
Other PhoneCell: (210) 639-2392  Home: (210) 666-2053
Semester DatesJan 10 - Mar 06, 2005
Class Days-M-W---
Class Time5:00 - 7:30 PM
PerquisitesCS 219
Credit Hours3

Modern Database Management, Seventh Edition, Hoffer/Prescott/McFadden ISBN 0-13-145320-3

Course Description:
This course provides an overview of database system concepts. This course will deal with file organization methods, database models, data integrity and security, and database administration issues. The student will be introduced to application program development in database environment with emphasis on setting up, modifying, and querying a database.  Pre-requisite: CS140. 3:0:3

Educational Philosophy:
The instructor's educational philosophy is one of interactive based on lectures, readings, quizzes, dialogues, examinations, and assignments.  There will be numerous hands-on lab sessions which will demonstrate the use of technical material covered, as well as slide shows of class and lab activities. You will be assigned chapters to read and study in the textbook. You will be expected to complete weekly written homework assignments and to participate in classroom discussions. You will also complete a project on Database design.  To successfully complete the course, a student must read the text assignments, take part in class discussions, complete lab assignment, pass the weekly quizzes, and pass the mid-term and final exams.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
1. Describe a relational database and object-oriented database.
2. Describe components of a database management system and the techniques used to store and access data within the DBMS.
3. Utilize modeling software to build a database design.
4. Describe normalization and perform normalization of a database model.
5. Understand the basic fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL).
6. Use SQL to create the tables within a database and queries for updating tables.
7. Utilize SQL to build queries to extract data from multiple tables based on selection criteria.
8. Describe the duties of the database administrator.
9. Describe the creation and use of metadata and data dictionaries.
10. Understand issues of implementing an enterprise database or other DBMS solution such as concurrency, efficiency, management of and security.
11. Understand the role and issues surrounding the management of data such as efficiency, privacy, security, ethical responsibility, and strategic advantage.
12. Describe and understand the role of web-enabling databases.

Course Assessment:
Assessment will be based upon classroom participation, daily quizzes, homework, and a mid-term and final exam.

Class Participation  - 5%
Quizzes                     - 5%
Homework               - 10%
Mid-Term                 - 40%
Final Exam               - 40%

Late Submission of Course Materials:
a. Late Homework: Late homework or assignments will take a 5 point deduction for each day (not class) missed. Coordination with me prior to an absence for turn in or having another student turn in your work can be authorized with advance notice.
b. Make-up Examinations: Make-up examinations will only be given with a valid excused absence and approved by the instructor.  All make-up tests must be scheduled before the next class session or a zero will be given for the exam.  If a make-up test is granted, I will schedule a day for taking the missed exam.
c. Incompletes: As a rule, incomplete grades will not be given. Incomplete grades will not be given for student laziness (i.e. work not in on time; missing exams; student missing final...etc.) Exceptions to the rule do exist, however: If a death in the student's immediate family (spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle) affects the overall performance of the student in the course or if the student missies a significant portion of the class due to their hospitalization, the student may be allowed to petition for an incomplete and make up the work prior to 06 April 2005. The instructor retains the right to veto any such petition, or grant an incomplete in other unforeseen circumstances.
d. Withdraws:  The enrollment status of the student in this course is solely the responsibility of the student. If you wish to change your status in this course, be sure that you file the appropriate paperwork with the registrar before the appropriate deadlines. If you wish to drop, do not just stop coming to class!!!!
Get to the Campus Center Director and file a withdrawal slip.  I will continue to consider you part of this
Class until notified otherwise by the Campus Center Director.

Classroom Rules of Conduct:
Computers make writing and revising much easier and more productive.  Students must recognize though that technology can also cause problems.  Printers run out of ink and hard drive crash.  Students must be responsible for planning ahead and meeting deadlines in spite of technology.  Be sure to save copies of your work to disk, hard drive, and print out paper copies for backup purposes.

Course Topic/Dates/Assignments:
Wk|Date  |Class Topics                  |Assignment  
#1|10 Jan|Review Syllabus & Ch 1|Ch 1 Review Questions
#1|12 Jan|Chapter 2,Quiz on Ch 1|Ch 2 Review Questions
#2|17 Jan|Chapter 3,Quiz on Ch 2|Ch 3 Review Questions
#2|19 Jan|Chapter 4,Quiz on Ch 3|Ch 4 Review Questions
#3|24 Jan|Chapter 5,Quiz on Ch 4|Ch 5 Review Questions
#3|26 Jan|Chapter 6,Quiz on Ch 5|Ch 6 Review Questions
#4|31 Jan|Chapter 7,Quiz on Ch 6|Ch 7 Review Questions
#4|02 Feb|Mid Term Exam Chapters 1-7
#5|07 Feb|Chapter 8                        |Ch 8 Review Questions
#5|09 Feb|Chapter 9,Quiz on Ch 8|Ch 9 Review Questions
#6|14 Feb|Chapter 10,Quiz on Ch 9|Ch 10 Review Questions
#6|16 Feb|Chapter 11,Quiz on Ch 10|Ch 11 Review Questions
#7|21 Feb|Chapter 12,Quiz on Ch 11|Ch 12 Review Questions
#7|23 Feb|Chapter 13,Quiz on Ch 12|Ch 13 Review Questions
#8|28 Feb|Chapter 14,Quiz on Ch 13|Ch 14 Review Questions
#8|02 Mar|Final Exam Chapters 8-14

Academic Honesty:
Academic integrity is the foundation of the academic community. Because each student has the primary responsibility for being academically honest, students are advised to read and understand all sections of this policy relating to standards of conduct and academic life.  
Park University 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog
Page 101

Plagiarism involves the use of quotations without quotation marks, the use of quotations without indication of the source, the use of another's idea without acknowledging the source, the submission of a paper, laboratory report, project, or class assignment (any portion of such) prepared by another person, or incorrect paraphrasing.
Park University 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog
Page 101

Attendance Policy:
Instructors are required to maintain attendance records and to report absences via the online attendance reporting system.

  1. The instructor may excuse absences for valid reasons, but missed work must be made up within the semester/term of enrollment.
  2. Work missed through unexcused absences must also be made up within the semester/term of enrollment, but unexcused absences may carry further penalties.
  3. In the event of two consecutive weeks of unexcused absences in a semester/term of enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn, resulting in a grade of "WH".
  4. A "Contract for Incomplete" will not be issued to a student who has unexcused or excessive absences recorded for a course.
  5. Students receiving Military Tuition Assistance or Veterans Administration educational benefits must not exceed three unexcused absences in the semester/term of enrollment. Excessive absences will be reported to the appropriate agency and may result in a monetary penalty to the student.
  6. Report of a "F" grade (attendance or academic) resulting from excessive absence for those students who are receiving financial assistance from agencies not mentioned in item 5 above will be reported to the appropriate agency.

Park University 2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog Page 100

Disability Guidelines:
Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all students that meet the criteria for special assistance. These guidelines are designed to supply directions to students concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal. It is Park University's policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding students with disabilities. In the case of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply.  Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all learners that meet the criteria for special assistance.  These guidelines are designed to supply directions to learners concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal.  It is Park University's policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding learners with disabilities and, to the extent of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply.  Additional information concerning Park University's policies and procedures related to disability can be found on the Park University web page: http://www.park.edu/disability .

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