CS373 Computer Network Security

for SP 2012

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CS 373 Computer Network Security


SP 2012 HO


Cigas, John


Associate Professor of Computer Science



Office Location

SC 113B

Office Hours

Drop by or send email to make an appointment. Specific hours are posted on my office door.

Daytime Phone




Web Page


Class Days


Class Time

1:30 - 2:45 PM


CS 365

Credit Hours



Ciampa, Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, 4th Edition, Course Technology, ISBN 978-1-111-64012-5.

Textbooks can be purchased through the Parkville Bookstore

Additional Resources:

4 Gbyte (or larger) USB flash drive - dedicated to this course (can use a DVD instead)
USB  flash drive (any size) for storing assignment files

Bring your laptop if you have one!!!

McAfee Memorial Library - Online information, links, electronic databases and the Online catalog. Contact the library for further assistance via email or at 800-270-4347.
Career Counseling - The Career Development Center (CDC) provides services for all stages of career development.  The mission of the CDC is to provide the career planning tools to ensure a lifetime of career success.
Park Helpdesk - If you have forgotten your OPEN ID or Password, or need assistance with your PirateMail account, please email helpdesk@park.edu or call 800-927-3024
Resources for Current Students - A great place to look for all kinds of information http://www.park.edu/Current/.

Course Description:
CS373 Computer Network Security: This course introduces students to various security concepts, issues, and countermeasures in both computer systems and computer networks. The topics to be examined include, but are not limited to, cryptographic techniques and applications, attack and vulnerability identification defenses and countermeasures, security tools and techniques, and ethical and legal issues. Several of these concepts may be put into practice using laboratory exercises. PREREQUISITE: CS365 3:0:3

Educational Philosophy:
Most people learn best by actually working with and using the information presented in class. To do this, we will have a number of hands-on assignments that will give the students an opportunity to apply what they learn in class and from the reading materials.

Class Assessment:

Your grade will be calculated according to the following percentages:
Midterm exams
Final exam
Homework, Class activities, & Projects
Presentation 12%

All homework and projects may be done alone or in pairs. There may also be larger group activities. All exams and project quizzes will be taken individually. You must let me know when you turn in the assignment that you are working as a group.
No calculator, cell phone, or any electronic device is allowed in any test.


90-100 A
80-89.99 B
70-79.99 C
60-69.99 D
less than 60 F

Late Submission of Course Materials:
Generally, late assignments receive a 0. It is to your advantage to complete assignments on time, so that you get timely feedback and keep up with the course material. However, knowing that situations arise, such as lost flash drives, power outages, dead batteries, etc., you will have two (2) late grace periods of 48 hours, no questions asked. You must indicate on your project submission that you are using one of these freebies. You may only use one freebie per assignment. In addition, if there is a true emergency, such as serious illness, contact me as soon as possible, with documentation, and we'll find a reasonable solution. Note that there is no grace period for presentations - you must be ready to present at the appointed time or you will receive a 0 for the presentation points.

Classroom Rules of Conduct:


Course Topic/Dates/Assignments:

We will cover all the chapters from the text at roughly one chapter every week.

There will be numerous projects and assignments, each lasting 1-2 weeks.
Presentations will be sometime during the last two weeks of the semester. Don't wait until the last minute to get started.

Exams are scheduled for: Wednesday February 15, March 28, and  May 9.

Please plan your schedules so that you are around for these exams. You will be allowed to take a make-up test only if you give me a note that is signed by a doctor, sports coach, or funeral director, and the signer's phone number is on the note. Make-up tests will tend to be harder than the original tests. All make-up tests must be taken within one week of the original test's date.

Academic Honesty:
Academic integrity is the foundation of the academic community. Because each student has the primary responsibility for being academically honest, students are advised to read and understand all sections of this policy relating to standards of conduct and academic life. Park University students and faculty members are encouraged to take advantage of the University resources available for learning about academic honesty (www.park.edu/current or http://www.park.edu/faculty/).from Park University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog Page 93

Plagiarism involves the use of quotations without quotation marks, the use of quotations without indication of the source, the use of another's idea without acknowledging the source, the submission of a paper, laboratory report, project, or class assignment (any portion of such) prepared by another person, or incorrect paraphrasing. from Park University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog Page 93
You may use whatever resources you like to complete your assignments, however you should acknowledge the sources of any help you get (copying a program from a web site, having your little sister debug your program, etc.). However, copying work from another person or group in the course is a definite no-no.

Attendance Policy:
Instructors are required to maintain attendance records and to report absences via the online attendance reporting system.

  1. The instructor may excuse absences for valid reasons, but missed work must be made up within the semester/term of enrollment.
  2. Work missed through unexcused absences must also be made up within the semester/term of enrollment, but unexcused absences may carry further penalties.
  3. In the event of two consecutive weeks of unexcused absences in a semester/term of enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn, resulting in a grade of "F".
  4. A "Contract for Incomplete" will not be issued to a student who has unexcused or excessive absences recorded for a course.
  5. Students receiving Military Tuition Assistance or Veterans Administration educational benefits must not exceed three unexcused absences in the semester/term of enrollment. Excessive absences will be reported to the appropriate agency and may result in a monetary penalty to the student.
  6. Report of a "F" grade (attendance or academic) resulting from excessive absence for those students who are receiving financial assistance from agencies not mentioned in item 5 above will be reported to the appropriate agency.

Park University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog Page 96

Disability Guidelines:
Park University is committed to meeting the needs of all students that meet the criteria for special assistance. These guidelines are designed to supply directions to students concerning the information necessary to accomplish this goal. It is Park University's policy to comply fully with federal and state law, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, regarding students with disabilities. In the case of any inconsistency between these guidelines and federal and/or state law, the provisions of the law will apply. Additional information concerning Park University's policies and procedures related to disability can be found on the Park University web page: http://www.park.edu/disability .


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